Not Using American Made Shirts?

You Should Apologize!

When producing custom military designs, custom law enforcement (LEO) shirts and fireman shirts for our nation’s bravest wouldn’t it make sense to not using American made shirts?

Doesn’t it simply make sense?

There are companies out there, and we mean a lot of them, that promote their shirt designs and find some clever trick to engage your patriotism and support of America either through a quote from an American Army General or Admiral, political and American great such as President George Washington or Abraham Lincoln but when the ink is finally dry on their Salvadorian, Mexican or Vietnamese made shirts, the memes created and published on Facebook or Instagram followed by some truly stupid ass small business owner thinking that rolling down some hill in panties simulating an Airborne drop is going to sell some shirts they might be right. But where they are wrong is that these hooligans aren’t selling shirts Made In America! And for that they should apologize!

Sure you can call them and write them, post to their Facebook page and intelligently ask the question why their shirts aren’t American Made and why they don’t support American Made products and for your effort you get the following “I am running for political office too busy to respond intelligently to your inquiry” reply.

“We have such a large demand for our shirts, producing almost as many as Nascar here that we cannot locate an American shirt company that can keep up with our production.”

In short: Lame.

Also: Not true.

So as these companies continue to press home their chest thumping diatribe on how great America is they quickly forget (intentionally it seems) that they put profits ahead of America! Even though American made shirts might be slightly higher, their craftsmanship is better, they CAN keep up with virtually any demand and let’s face it, it does support America by keeping money in the USA, hardworking Americans at work and supporting our military with more than a fancy quote or cut past military graphic. It supports our men and women in uniform with real American made quality that they deserve to wear and not some Boom Boom Mama San Sweatshop Made in some Fuckamericanstan country!

So while our country and its politicians still refrain from calling out American enemies like China and Pakistan let’s remember that purchasing their shit only helps build their infrastructure and shifts our assets to other countries. Yeah let’s keep doing that right?


Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 5.25.55 PM

So where in the world does your shirt come from?

We don’t mean the company that is printing the shirt. Where it gets printed is only one small % of the piece of the puzzle. What country does the actual shirt get made in?

If the tag fits wear it!

Does your shirt tag read Made In USA or Made In America or does it have some printing in the shirt that hides this important fact? It’s all in the details. If the company printing or designing your shirts cannot come out and say it then chances are its not USA Made. Ask the question. Inquire. Find out!

Who has recently been asked if their shirts are Made In the USA and been told it is not. If we are wrong then let us know or if recently changes have occurred help us to updater this information. This is not a knock about “this shirt company or that shirt company”. It is about supporting America and her hard working men and women that build this country day after day and it is about our men and women in uniform who deserve more than a shirt made in some overseas sweatshop. The following list discusses the location of the shirt itself and not where it is printed.

Not Made In The USA

7.62 Design – Not USA Made shirts.

Rangerup – Not USA Made shirts.

Unapologetically American – Not USA shirts.

Tapout – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Amy at the following number 866-352-6809

Underarmour – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Lauren at the following number 1.888.727.6687

Made In The USA

Affliction Apparel

Tapout – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Amy at the following number 866-352-6809

Underarmour – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Lauren at the following number 1.888.727.6687


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