Heads Up Popeye Fans!

Don’t Mess With The U.S. and definitely not on Popeye’s Watch!

This Popeye coin was crafted out of the dedication and loyalty Popeye has demonstrated his many years while serving as both a US Coast Guardsman “Coastie” and in the way years fighting the Japanese as a United States Navy Sailor. This Popeye Spinach can coin is the latest in Popeye art and coins to hit the sea lanes.

Iron Enriched 13 oz is the Spinach can of choice for Popeye as he strikes fear into his enemies and ensure the safety and security of America!

2 inches of ragged looking Spinach can this Popeye coin flexes with iron strength and the super powers of Popeye with his USA flag on his bicep!

The newest Popeye coin collectible about to be released by the military coin company Vision Strike Coins.

Featuring the first ever two sided Popeye headed coin illustrates the long history and tradition Popeye had had with both the US Coast Guard and the United States Navy. Now depicted on the same coin the long debate is over. Popeye first a Coastie then a US Navy sailor ends the dispute over this closely debated argument that has spanned generations. Now he can be enjoyed by all!

Popeye the Coastie!



Popeye the US Navy sailorman!





Popeye Navy Coin

Popeye Navy Coin

The United States Navy and Popeye collaborate with the design team of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com to cleverly ddesign and custom mine this licensed and approved Navy Popeye coin!

This brass colored and two tone metal 2 inch Popeye coin was developed after the strong response received from the US Navy and its Tin Can Sailors when VSW first offered up one of its most popular designs, All Men Are Created Equal Then A Few Become Tin Can Sailors!

NAVY Tin Can Sailor Popeye Shirt

There is a story behind each design and each tells a story. The design team of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has worked with and supported the Tin Can Sailor Organization located in the New England area and over many years the designs they have developed together have become this military non-profits most succcessful fundraising product.

Designs such as the TIn Can Sailor was a leading design that captured the attention of the organization which received claim with its detail and illustration prowess bringing the gun boats and guided missile destroyers together found displayed with dixie cup as well as Chief’s cover.

Tin Can Sailors Shirts

Tin Can Sailors Shirts

For generations of Americans we have grown up with Popeye. He has travelled through the ages sometimes in a simpler fashin in accordance withthe times or with a less politically correct perspective during the war years of World War 2 but unmistakingly he has been with us just like mom’s apple pie, baseball and Chevrolet. The designs featuring Popeye on shirts, apparel and highly detailed Popeye US navy coins are testimoney to America and her connection with its icons. Popeye and the United States of America, All American!

We Will Never Forget Coin


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