Getting A Great Custom Military Shirt

Getting A Great Custom Military Shirt

Getting A Great Custom Military Shirt is a great question of your command or association for example just assigned you the task.
Before you get down to the brass tacks when it comes to getting a great custom military shirt design you have to think about it beyond the normal wanting it “fast and wanting it cheap” mentality. It’s the wrong approach when it comes getting quality.

You can have great quality but it comes with a price. The question is why. Simply put a custom shirt requires a custom design and that means someone has to think it up and draw it. Not easy for most people or everyone would be doing it and there are far less affordable and qualified illustrators out in the world that know both how to design, understand how to create original concepts and finally do it in a way that makes the end result truly fantastic. If you want great, well it is possible and for less than you might imagine if done it’s correctly.

USS Tornado PC14 Shirts

So what does it cost?

Before we get into that let’s see what you think is affordable. Let’s take the average military shirt. Most on-line military shirt companies are going to try and sell a basic subdued shirt with few colors and a sleeve print on average for around 19.00 to 23.00. Anyone selling a military shirt on-line for more than this needs to have their head examined. Anything over 20 bucks is ridiculous.

So in the world of costs what does 19.00 buy you?

1. A really decent hamburger, fries a shake and a drink at a better than average restaurant. Not talking a drive through extravaganza.
2. 3.5 cups of coffee with a minimum of three shots per. Maybe 4 if you are dating the barista.
3. Almost a decent car cleaning if you don’t get the lifetime wax and polish treatment. You got a chance to keep it under 19.00 if you miss this wonderful option.
4. Maybe a ride share to work. Maybe and only if there is no tip involved.
5. 4 packs of really good water bottles
6. An overpriced military shirt if the graphics are 1 and two color, the cotton is so thin you can see through it and it’s a “Brand”. Not very exciting.
7. Or you can get involved in a fully custom designed shirt with top-notch military art, professionally printed, on a great shirt. It does happen and it can happen.

So how do we get started? If you have gotten this far then it means you are interested and want a killer designs. We want to help you to achieve this.

How to Get To a Great Custom Military Shirt

Quick Step Guide to Great Custom Military Shirts

1. The best place to start is to have an idea of what you want on the front and back of the shirt, if sleeve printing is involved, if the design will be a black and white or full color and the style of the art. Do you want the art to be comic oriented, serious, maybe something in the middle? Do you know what the text will be on the front and back of the shirt? Is there a motto or slogan that you would like to see. What are the elements you envision? The way to look at this is if you could make a list for example of the top 5-10 things that are most important inn a design what would they be?
2. Quantity. How many items do you want? Quantity plays a major role in how much your shirts and items cost. If you don’t know but think you know offer a range. I would like pricing for 25-100 items. Are there discounts, bulk pricing options and can I get a better price if I order more items? The answer is typically yes.
3. Shirt or apparel color? Important but not crucial. If you know please provide but keep mind most printers understand these things can change. Can I mix and match colors? Absolutely. You want Navy Blue but also a Type 3 Chestnut brown, athletic heather or pink? No problem.
4. What about hoodies, long sleeve, tank tops? Yes. Adding more to your quantities includes these types of items. The price of a hoodie is more than a shirt but overall it helps bring the overall cost down because they can all get printed at the same time.
5. Cotton or dry fit shirts? You bet.
6. Where in the world are these shipping to? APO FPO? No problem. On base or off base housing. No problem. If it can get there with USPS, DHL, FEDEX, or UPS we can get them to you. Having an address helps us know the best and most affordable way to get your items shipped to you.

Let’s Get Started by clicking here at Custom Military Shirts.

Don;t have a cool military shirt idea to get started with?

That is never a problem and a whole lot of custom US Military shirts started out as a napkin sketch or even worse but developed into so amazing concepts with the US Military and Vision-Strike-Wear.Com work together.

Marine Corps Forging Elite Fitness for the Crossfit generation of US Marines designed by VSW!

Marine Corps Forging Elite Fitness Crossfit Shirt

When the United States warship USS Mesa Verde LPD-19 and its FCPOA called VSW for a shirt they got it! Alligators and Bulldogs the perfect combination of US Navy Sailors and US Marines!

USS Mesa Verde LPD-19 FCPOA Shirt

US navy Cruise Shirts. Absolutely. When VFA-211 Rough Riders asked for a shirt for their role in Operation Inherent Resolve and the CVW-1 Tarbox they got it. Colorful. Detailed and all US Navy!

VFA-211 Rough Riders 2015 World Cruise OIR Shirt

Naval Beach Unit 7

I want to start with a brief synopsis of who we are. Naval Beach Unit 7 (NBU7) is the first of its kind, by merging Landing Craft Air Cushions (LCAC’s), Landing Craft Utility (LCU), and Beach Party Team (BPT) into one command, and our base is located in Sasebo, Japan Typically they are separated into 3 separate commands in the states. Our job is to assist the amphibious Navy by transporting Marine equipment and personnel all throughout the Asian Pacific (7th Fleet). The LCAC’s are hovercrafts that are extremely fast but limited by how much we can carry.

The LCU’s are slow but can carry 3 times what an LCAC can carry. BPT work on the beach and assists in guiding the LCAC’s and LCU’s into the desired beach. We all do different jobs but without us the Amphibious Navy would not be able to complete their missions. This is the information we at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com receive at the onset of a design. This is why we love to work with the US Navy!

Naval Beach 7 FCPOA Shirt

Top 2016 US Navy Designs At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

Top 2016 US Navy Designs At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

Top 2016 US Navy Designs At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

Top US Navy Copyrighted, Licensed and Appoved US Navy designs of 2016 represent the start if a busy year creating custom US Navy artwork and military graphics for the amazing men  and women of the United States Navy. These razor sharp custom US Naval designs are found on a variety of military tees and shirts, posters, decals, drinkware and much more.

Our Junior Enlisted, Senior Enlisted, Petty Officers, Chief Petty Officers and Commissioned Officers have been instrumental in the collaboration of designs in the past and in 2016 we look forward to more great designs for the United States Navy.

Just completed for the US Navy is this Fleet Area Control Surveillance Facility FACSF Pearl Harbor design. A lot of history here wrapped all into a colorful US Navy design for this FCPOA.



A Westpac shirt theme for the US Navy Chiefs aboard the USS Ashland was created featuring the US Navy Gator Navy Alligator.

USS Ashland LSD-48 CPO Mess Shirt

A design created for the United States Navy COMSUBDEVRON 5 and their First Class Petty Officer Association

Comsubdevron 5 Shirt



The creation of the FCPOA Naval design for Patrol Squadron was a conference with the art team of VSW and the US Navy Sailors of VP-10. A great collaboration of art and US Navy insight culminated into their FCPOA shirt design created for this amazing squadron.


A design recently created for the First Class Petty Officers aboard PHIBCB 2. A design featuring alligator and crow sumbolic of the amphibious forces and the crow (1st Class Petty Officers) of the United States Navy!.

US Navy PHIBCB 2 Shirt


A design for the US Navy Chiefs aboard the USS Churchill DDG-81


A recently created “Mardi Gras” design for NBHC Belle Chase Unted States Navy. Something designed at the request of their FCPOA.



A custom US Navy design Navy Munitions Command Detachment Sigonella



Outstanding PRT! Naval Construction Group 1 shirts!

VSW1284 Naval Construction Group ONE (1)


Naval Beach Unit 7 received this design in 2015. NBU-7 was fantastic to work with!



A design for the sailors aboard the USS Topeka SSN-754

USS Topeka Fight Shirt

USS Topeka Fight Shirt

USS FORT MCHENRY LSD-43 2nd Class Association shirts

USS FORT MCHENRY LSD-43 2nd Class Assn Shirt

USS FORT MCHENRY LSD-43 2nd Class Assn Shirt




USS McFaul FCPOA Shirts

USS Mcfaul FCPOA Shirts

USS Hopper CPO Mess Shirt

USS Hopper CPO Mess Shirt


Naval Justice School Skeleton Shirts

Naval Justice School Skeleton Shirts


VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks Chiefs Mess Shirt

VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks Chiefs Mess Shirt

USS Gridley DDG-101 CSADD Shirt Design

USS Gridley DDG 101 CSADD (1)

The Checkmates. VFA-211 Hello Brutus!



MALS-24 CPO Mess We Steer The Course Shirt design for their Goatlocker!


USS Makin Island Forward Surgical Team Westpac Shirt

Top US Navy Designs of 2015

Help Heal Our Veterans

Vision-Strik-Wear.Com is honored to participate withthe organization Help Heal Our Vets, HHOV, by working with them to support their mission and role creating fundraising opportunities in support of our US military veterans.

help heal our vets hoodie


Navy Crows Call For 1st Class 2nd Class and 3rd Class Designs

Navy Crows Call For 1st Class 2nd Class and 3rd Class Designs

US Navy Crow Shirts

US Navy Crow Shirts

The United States Navy from the rank of 3rd class Petty Officer to Master Chief wear with pride on their sleeves what is affectionately known as crows. In actuality they are Eagles but like the many generations of tradition and excellence the US Navy and its sailors have adopted this long standing theme.

After many years of working with hundreds of First Class Petty Officer associations, Second Class Petty Officer associations and Junior Enlisted Associations the request came in to the design team of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com that a design would be created for more specifically the Crows of the US Navy. Display it with pride. Wear it with honor and give it detail and a look of professionalism that members of the US Navy would find compelling is what the Navy sailors asked for.

Navy Petty Officer Crow Shirt


Like the thousands of custom military designs for shirts and apparel the US Navy Crow design also provided the sailors with the ability to further customize the design by changing the text adding a command, ship or other information that would make it specific to their unit, fcpoa, jea or scpoa.

Navy Petty Officer Crow Air Warfare Shirt

Then came a call for the US Navy squadrons to have their crow displayed with the proper insignia and Vision-Strike-Wear.Com updated it.

Navy Petty Officer Crow Submarine Warfare Shirt

The United States Navy Submarine Insignia created for our US Navy dolphins for these incredible sailors and the warships they serve aboard.

Navy Petty Officer Crow Surface Warfare Shirt


The Surface Warfare insignia with its importance and connection to the suface fleet of the US Navy was also developed to ensure our surface Navy could also acquire their Navy crows for the ships, command, surface squadrons and activities they have been involved in and wear a detailed crow design on theor Navy shirtrs, hoodies, dry fits, tanks tops and more!

The US Navy crow design began as a design request from the USS Gettysburg and its FCPOA and later became a design worn and welcomed by dozens of US Navy ships following. If you and your ship, submarine, squadron, or comman would like a similar detailed and quality design created by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com let us know by clicking the custom military design icon below.

Custom Military Shirts

Custom Military Shirts


Goatlocker Tavern Since 1893 Navy Shirt Leaves Port

Goatlocker Tavern Since 1893 Navy Shirt Leaves Port

Navy Chief Goatlocker Tavern Shirt

Navy Chief Goatlocker Tavern Shirt

Since April 1st, 1893!

Inspired, contemplated, suggested, ripped, approved, critiqued and tested by United States Navy Chiefs throughout the United States Navy comes this Goatlocker Tavern Navy Chief shirt.

After delivering shirts to the Navy Chief selects at NAS Whidbey Island one perfectly rainy Pacific Northwest day we sat down and spoke with a few past and present US Navy Chiefs in their goatlocker as they exhanged salty sea stories and let me tell you they are more amazing than you can imagine, we got a chance to take out a pencil and some scratch paper made up of a bar napkin and began to take down their suggestions and ides for how to create a US Navy Chief Goatlocker design they thought would be better than a blast of saltwater to the face.

After a few minutes the Goatloacker Tavern Since 1893 shirt design concept was conceived. Born in a bar, ie Chief’s Mess and no not every Chief’s Mess is filled with lovely bottles and spirits, the old salty dog stories filled with a few olives and a Mariner’s blessing and this US Navy design was ready to set sail.

Our many thanks goes out to the Navy Chiefs we had the most amazing time with and for their invitiation to sit with them in their den of US Navy solitude as we listened to generations of US Navy Chiefs discuss the Navy, their brothers and sisters, its history, honor, courage and the committment of what it takes to ensure the longevity and desire to maintain the finest naval power in history.

Awesome Naval Air Station Shirt for the US Navy

Awesome Naval Air Station Shirt for the US Navy

Stationed overseas at one or several of the United States Naval Air Stations? Keflavik, Subic Bay or perhaps you were in Sicily or even Jacksonville or Pensacola but you were there. You might have worked with the aircraft on the tarmac, administratively in support of a US Navy squadron, or performing medical assistance as a Hospital Corpsman? Truth is you served and whether your job took you to Pearl Harbor or colder destinations somewhere in the far reaches of the globe you served honorably with the United States Navy!

Awesome Naval Air Station Shirt for the US Navy

What is a Naval Air Station?

VSW1024_Naval Air Station

Wiki ~ naval air station is a military airbase, and consists of a permanent land-based operations locations for the military aviation division of the relevant branch of a navy. These bases are populated by squadrons and their support commands. They are located all over the world and are selected based on their tactical and strategic importance to the defense and support of the Navy in a specific region of the world. 

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Where are they?

Just a short and not exhaustible list of US Navy Air Stations:

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
Naval Air Station Kingsville

Naval Air Station Jacksonville
Naval Air Station Key West
Naval Air Station Pensacola
Naval Air Station Whiting Field (Milton)

Naval Air Station Lemoore
Naval Air Station North Island (Coronado)
Naval Base Ventura County (Oxnard)

Naval Air Station Fallon – Fallon, Nevada
Naval Air Station Meridian – Meridian, Mississippi
Naval Air Station Oceana – Oceana, Virginia
Naval Air Station Patuxent River – Patuxent River, Maryland
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island – Oak Harbor, Washington
Naval Air Station Sigonella – Sicily, Italy

Uncle Zim!

So like a vacation to some balmy tropical destination while on some family vacation you pick up  shirt at some local off the beaten path destination like Uncle Zim’s US Navy Frog Shack or Haze Gray and Underway Shirts & More but it does get better! Uncle Zim and Haze Gray do not have your NAS shirt and they certainly have no idea the years and time you spent removing the barnacles from a warship or chipping 150 pounds of ice of the wings of an F-18. But guess what? Your shirt exists!





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