USAF Blue Falcon Design Aims High for Labor Day!

USAF Blue Falcon Design Aims High for Labor Day!

USAF Blue Falcon

Fly Into The Wild Blue Yonder!

Not every day do you get a chance to serve in the most technologically advanced military branch in the United States arsenal but when you do you are part of the United States Air Force! The youngest of the military branches and recognized as a leader in the the tech that commands the skies from the heavens above to the land below you are part of an incredible team.


Why The Blue Falcon?

The falcon is a predator. Blue is the color of the sky and the last thing you want to experience is a bird set on your 6 to devour you so the Blue Falcon seems rather appropriate given the nature of its breeding and what it was designed by nature to do!

falcon  is any one of 37 species of raptor in the genus Falco, widely distributed on all continents of the world.Peregrine falcons have been recorded diving at speeds of 200 miles per hour (320 km/h), making them the fastest-moving creatures on Earth. Other falcons include the gyrfalcon, lanner falcon, and the merlin. Some small falcons with long narrow wings are called hobbies, and some which hover while hunting are called kestrels. The falcons are part of the family Falconidae, which also includes the caracaras, laughing falcon, forest falcons, and falconets.” (Source: Wikipedia)


Falco peregrinus -Nova Scotia, Canada -eating-8.jpg



Red Liberty Beanies Mean Freedom!

The United States Air Force has supported, defended right along side of her sister military branches since its inception. With respect to its ties to American Freedom a red beanie, in modern times the red beret, has been worn since the founding of this country. The red beanie is a sign of freedom and wearing it ties us to our forefathers and the creation of America!


Filling The Void!

One often hears about the heroism of the Green Berets, the US Navy SEALs, Airborne, Marine Force Recon but little is ever discussed of a few very important specialties that are found within the US Air Force Arsenal. Who are these specialists and what are they called?

  • Combat Control Teams (CCT)


  • Pararescue



A the red storm is rising in the east these special operators are retrieving downed pilots and stranded special forces working behind enemy lines.  Help these Airman open their chutes and reach the ground safely! Pararescue is a game that will take you to the field and hon your skills rescuing downed pilots.

  • Weathermen
  • Tactical Air Control Party


USAF: Where The Grim Reaper Meets You At 915 MPH!

Run from a Thunderbolt? Not going to happen!



USAF Flying Into The Heart Of A Hurricane

USAF Flying Into The Heart Of A Hurricane

USAF Flying Into The Heart Of A Hurricane

What is a hurricane hunter?


If USAF Flying Into The Heart Of A Hurricane doesnt get your adrenaline sky high!  The work and exploits of US Air Force aircraft that defy natures law and gravity by flying into God’s straw were condensed into a few musical lyrics what would they be?

We think the infamous words of the Rolling Stones would serve best!

“I was born in a crossfire hurricane
And I howled at my ma in the driving rain” (Source:

14th- USAF – 1944 Col. Floyd Wood, Maj. Harry Wexler, and Lt. Frank Record, flying a Douglas A-20 “Havoc,” are the first to fly into the heart of a hurricane to obtain meteorological data. 


Fast Hurricane Facts


  • Hurricanes have male and female names, but at one point only female names were used.
  • Most hurricanes rage harmlessly in the sea.
  • Australians call hurricanes, willy-willies.
  • The New England Hurricane of 1938 is reported to have the fastest forward speed for a hurricane at 70 mph. The forward speed for an average hurricane is less than 20 mph.
  • Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean runs from June 1 to November 30.

Hurricane Hunters – USAF

Then there are the guys that get paid to head straight into the howling and destructive winds of a massive hurricane. They are called the Hurricane Hunters. The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the United States Air Force.

How do these men and women that fly the unfriendly skies do it?

53 Weather Reconnaissance Squadron

“To perform their mission, the Hurricane Hunters have 10 WC-130J aircraft. These Super Hercules aircraft are equipped with palletized meteorological data-gathering instruments. The WC-130J is the next generation “Hurricane Hunter” designed to continue weather reconnaissance well into the 21st century.”



VSW Designs – 

For a shirt worn by the United States Air Force personnel, from pilots to their ground crews.



Whether at the control of a USAF aircraft, a crew member, even the guy that keeps the air in the tires, you are important to a team of the most advanced and highly skilled USAF personnel in the world.

USAF Blue Falcon

Top 8 USAF Test Pilots in Aviation History

Top 8 USAF Test Pilots in Aviation History

Top 8 USAF Test Pilots in Aviation History

Test Pilots – Fearless Men!

We have come a long way since the beginning of flight so who are the Top 8 USAF Test Pilots in Aviation History. We have had inventions that would simply baffle the mind to contraptions that made no sense at all yet it has been the inventors, scientists and engineers that kept getting back on the horse and finding new and interesting ways to improve flying machines since their inception.

These Infernal Flying Machines!

Strapped to a hurtling metal piece of machinery going Mach 2 with your hair on fire? How about doing this while controlling an aircraft that has never been flown by a human before? Uncertainty at every corner with engineering and auronautics never before tested until the pedal hits the metal and then get thrown around like a carton of eggs in blender powered by a tornado! Know this is like? The men known as test pilots do and several of the top pilots ever to strap themselves into a untested combat designed aircraft seen below do!

Spiraling Out Of Control Is Their Job!

For the Love Of Flight!

Many of the aircraft seen in these Vision-Strike-Wear.Com videos where members of the crew visited the Palm Sprints Air Museum see aircraft from a variety of wars and conflicts and each had at one time a test pilot that put it through its paces and ensured that future pilots and air crews would experience little difficulty in their future flights!

Our top 8 US Air Force test pilots have made our list. Where is yours?

Buzz Aldrin

Gene Deatrick

Jim Doolittle, III

Chuck Yeager

Joe Engle

Gus Grissom – Mercury Pilot and Astronaut Aboard Liberty Bell 7.

Pete Knight

Mike Loh

Your test pilot list might be very different than our own and we welcome you to add or comment about who the “Best Pilot You Ever Saw!”

The men and women that fly the birds, the mechanics and crew chiefs that service and keep their aircraft in tip top shape is a team of the most dedicated and inspired group of professionals. The USAF has these specialists that make up this team and Vision-Strike-Wear.Com acknowledges the achievements of these incredible people.

USAF Blue Falcon

Top 15 USAF Combat Aircraft

Top 15 USAF Combat Aircraft

Why the top 15 United States Air Force Craft? Cause our hands got plain tired when we realized the US Air Force has had some many incredible combat aircraft throughout its history and listing them all would have taken decades! You will find 15 top high performance aircraft and even though these were our picks we know you will have your opinion and we welcome that. Comment below and let us know your favorite USAF aircraft and we will update our list!


Light the fires and kick the tires!

  1. F-16 – The Falcon. Fave this one down and be reduced to a charred, smoldering black plume of dust traveling at over Mach speeds. Not your definition of a good day!
  2. F-15 Eagle – Simply owned the skies with the most advanced tech of its day! She commanded the air!
  3. A-10 – Video Air Museum in Yuma The Thunderbolt! With the incredible GAU8 Avenger gun these Tusk drivers knows what it is like to reduce enemy tank columns to swiss cheese!



  1. F-22 – She will have your entire squadron spitting blood before you even know she is there!
  2. AC-130 Spectre Gunship – Welcome to the Messenger of God’s wrath. Pick from a variety of weapons and be reduced to cinders from miles away. Raining lead and destruction on a tactical level!
  3. F-111 – One of the finest tactical strike aircraft in the USAF arsenal!
  4. F-117 The Nighthawk! The first aircraft created featuring low radar detection signature and  has later been referred to as a stealth aircraft. First read about in the Tim Clancy book Red Storm Rising!
  5. B-1 The Lancer! Created by Rockwell International the B-1 was envisioned with Mach 2 speed, and a low-level penetrator. The B-1B entered service in 1986 with the USAF Strategic Air Command (SAC) as a nuclear bomber.
  6. B-2 The Spirit! As a stealth configured aircraft the Spirit was the only aircraft with the ability to carry stand off air-to-surface weapons within its aircraft platform.
  7. P51 Mustang – video
    The P-51 Mustang was the first World War 2 piston aircraft that was capable of arriving on the scene when escorted bombers were destined for bombing raids over Nazi Europe. Able to handle the distance they were capable of escorting the heavies to and back from their bombing runs! Seen in films like Red Tails and piloted by Negro pilots, The Tuskegee Airmen, these amazing pilots were skilled in bomber protection, air to air dogfighting and in one case the successful destruction of a German destroyer.
  8. B-17 – Video    Tour inside B-17  The most indestructable bomber of WW2 you could shoot half a tail, half a wing, break all the windows, lose 3 engines and still get the beast home. The Memphis Belle made her famous when she returned from all her required bombing missions she become one of the most famous aircraft of all time.
  9. B-29 The Superfortress! With a pressurized cabin she could fly at height incapable of Japanese fighters reaching her she was responsible for eliminating Japan from WW2 with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Enola Gay was the name of one these bombers that conducted the Little Boy drop on Hiroshima.
  10. B-24 Liberator – Video  An American Heavy Bomber. Able to deliver the first ever precision guided munitions up to 1000lb bombs.
  11. Air Force 1 – One of the most widely know aircraft perhaps in the world Air Force One is responsible for transporting the Presidents of the United States during their frequent travel schedules. Well know as it may be the technology aboard her is some of the most secretive in the US military.
  12. SR-71 Blackbird – Video Air museum in Yuma – The only aircraft flown by the US Air Force that required the use of Mercury Astronaut spacesuits. She was sleek and beautiful with some of the finest lines every displayed on an aircraft.


You either fly them or you service them and keep them in the air and if you do then you are specialized and have an Air Force Specialty that needs to be recognized! Fly’em, fix’em, keep them going takes a team of specialized US Air Force personnel.

USAF Blue Falcon


Obama Authorizes U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

Obama Authorizes U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

Obama Authorizes U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

Obama Authorizes U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq . Tonight (Thursday, August 7, 2014) the Obama Administration has authorized U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq.  An air drop humanitarian mission has also already taken place. ISIS is approaching the strategically important northern city of Erbil, where U.S. personnel are stationed.


Obama Authorizes U.S. Airstrikes Against Islamic Militants in Iraq

Defense Department Confirms USAF Already Activated

The Defense Department confirmed today on Twitter that a humanitarian mission had already been successful earlier today.


“The U.S. has not yet conducted airstrikes”, senior administration officials said, but there were reports earlier in the day of airstrikes in the region, possibly by the Iraqi Air Force still active in the region.

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