Kick Ass US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2012

Kick Ass US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2012

So many wonderful chances to work with the United States Marine Corps in 2012. We had the honor of working with grunt units from 29 Palms to a few forward deployed MARSOC units and many more other USMC units from infantry to transaportant to artillery that the design labs at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com went into full MOTO.

A few of the more detailed USMC custom shirt designs are displayed below. Thank you to all of our US Marines for their incredible strength, courage, durability and passion for leading as an example. We are forever grateful to you and it was an honor to have served you in 2012.

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No Comm 2nd BN 11th Marines for their Comms!


Created for MWSS-371-Motor T!


The IRON HORSE! HMH-461 Det A Unit 77000 custom USMC shirt.


We didn’t want to leave out our Devil Docs!  A custom design we did for the Hospital Corpsman of the 1st MARDIV.


A custom USMC design for shirts for C Company 1st CEB


RC(SW) I MEF with a washed look per the USMC request.

VSW715_RC(SW) I MEF_pocket

RC(SW) I MEF deployment shirts. A lot of inside jokes by the Marines when they asked us to do this one.


8th Comm Bn HS Motor T Marine custom shirt design



Thank you to the wonderful USMC units we had the opportunity of working with and serving. We enjoyed every custom Marine design and shirt we deigned and printed for you during 2012 and look forward to many years of cutting edge custom military graphics and design for you.

Bad Ass US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2010

Bad Ass US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2010

When it comes to USMC designs for shirts and apparel the year 2010 was amazing since the designs created for our beloved US Marines went across the globe and found American made shirrts designed by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com to have become the leader in custom unit shirt design. Before the development of his end custom shirt design from VSW there was a basic text only and low production value era of designs. That was until VSW came onto the scene and began raising the bar with custom United States Marine designs that had razor shrp looks and attention to detail.

Word spread quickly and soon USMC units were ordering their custom shirts, hoodies and tank tops from a Marine owned, operated small custom Marine tee company, Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

2010 A Year in review for custom US Marine designs.


CLB 15 HQ S4 USS Pearl Harbor



1st MLG-FWD Postal csutom USMC shirt design



S Batt 5-10 2nd Marine Division Spartans!


VSW338_SBatt5-10-2nd MarDivSpartans


1st MLG Corporal’s Course!


CLR-15 FWD USMC Pinup girls at the unit’s request and approval




CLR-15 Fwd IIP Helmand Province

VSW271_ CLR-15FwdIIP


HS Co 1st MLB Fwd Afghanistan




C Surg Co Marjeh Battlefield Docs USMC




USMC Darkhorse!



Camp Leatherneck!



Marine Corps Kick Ass Designs From 2008-2009

Marine Corps Kick Ass Designs From 2008-2009

The United States Marine Corps, its infantry units, artillery units, deployed units and the units that were stationed at home from Quantaco, VA to 29 Palms, CA requested custom USMC designs that had a flair, color and introduced the level of crisp, razor sharp designs that first came on board during 2008 and 2009. So now comes the Marine Corps Kick Ass Designs From 2008-2009!






Marine US Embassy China

Marine US Embassy China

Marine US Embassy China


USMC Recruiting!


USMC Security

USMC Security Co

USMC Security Co



USMC Firebirds

USMC Firebirds


MSWG Deuces Wild – Marine Wing Support Group. S-2!

MSWG Deuces Wild


Created for the USMC Marine Weapons Co across the United States Marine Corps!


Marine Weapons Co


The 6th Engineer Support Battalion custom design. Bridge Co Bravo.


6th ESB


MWSS-171 Marine Wing Support Squadron Dirty 3’s.



Created for the 0311 Echo Co MWR Family Shirts.

Echo Hard Family


Created for 2-25 Fox Co! A custom design for their US Marine unit.

2-25 Fox Co


Created for a distant Metal Shop in Iraq for a bunch of Marines that wanted a spirited custom USMC design for their group while on deployment.

USMC Heavy Metal


A Marine Corps custom design created for the Marines of the 6th ESB! Combat Engineers.


Whether it was a design for 0311’s, transportation units, air support, or a welding shop fixing weapons or vehicles in distant Iraq comes many designs that chnaged the way artwork was created for deployment shirts from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. After VSW started their work in 2008 the bar was raised and others were required to produce designs of a far higher caliber to match the quality and detail of VSW.

We Will Never Forget Coin


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