Every Christmas I get told the same thing from all of my close family and friends. They inform me that I am one of the toughest people that they have ever met to try and shop for. In some ways I understand this completely, most people aren’t going to spend the money on a new AR-15 and a new Berretta just doesn’t seem to mail that easily. Friends and family are also sure to inform me that they really don’t know my interests that well and they don’t want to buy me a tie that I will never wear.


So with another holiday season approaching fast, I thought I would make Christmas as easy as I possibly could for those that I love, while ensuring that I get some things that I love. I thought about what I would like to open up for Christmas and what message I could send to all of these people for the future that would make their lives easier and mine more enjoyable.

The message that I settled on is I want them to know that I am a proud patriot who takes the most pride in my military service. My time in the Army has taught me discipline, respect and most importantly comradery for my fellow soldiers in all of the Armed Services. At this point I opened up my laptop and opened my internet browser. I then opened up my favorites and clicked on www.vision-strike-wear.com. This is my favorite site to visit to purchase military shirt, signs, coins and much more, but enough about that. I thought I would make a top 10 list for me and guys like me and put it out there for other people who are having trouble finding gifts for their loved ones who are currently in or are former members of the Armed forces.

So, lets have a look at the list:


10. US Veteran T-Shirt (It can not be inherited) http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/US-Veteran-It-Can-Not-Be-Inherited-Shirt.html

This design speaks to me because it says something that this generation seems to not understand, and that is that there are some things that you must earn through dedication that most people are unwilling to contribute.


9. ISIS Hunting Club T-Shirt http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/ISIS-Hunting-Club-Member-Shirt.html

This one should be self-explanatory. I love the statement and it’s a really cool design with 2 sickles crossed behind a sick skull design looking down.


8. New Army challenge coin http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/ARMY-MILITARY-COINS.html

Now I didn’t put one particular coin up here because there are quite a few that I would like to add to my collection. They even have a National Guard coin for all you weekend warriors. I have never been in the National Guard but wouldn’t mind carrying the coin at all.


7.  Army Rank Hoodie http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/US-Army-Rank-Hoodie.html

Here is an item that will be both stylish and necessary as we plunge into the colder seasons of the year. The three skull design and customizable rank make this something that is stylish and functional. This could also be a nicely updated item if and when I get promoted.


6. Army Rank coffee mug  http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/army-rank-military-coffee-mug.html

Let’s get one thing straight, yes I am a Senior NCO and yes I do seem to have a coffee mug attached to my arm at all times. This is because I am no longer young in age and need caffeine to get me through the day without putting a PVT through a wall.


5. OIF/OEF Combat Veteran License plate http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/OIF-OEF-Combat-Veteran-Military-License-Plate.html

If you happen to live in a state like I do that allows decorative license plates on the front of the vehicle, or you just want to hang something with a cool design on the wall that commemorates your time in service this is a great gift.


4. Al Qaeda Hunting Club Coffee Mug http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/Al-Qaeda-Hunting-Club-Drinkware_p_17063.html

As you may be able to tell I am a bit of a coffee lover, and everyone around me is much happier when I have my daily cup of Joe, trust me. This mug combines my love of coffee with my disdain for terrorists.


3. Al Qaeda Hunting Club T-Shirt http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/Al-Qaeda-Hunting-Club-Shirt.html

This gift allows me to advertise my hate for the terrorists who orchestrated the largest scale attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor in another form. The skull design with crosshairs lets everyone what would happen if I came across one of these sorry excuses for a human being.


2. US Army War Eagle Coin http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/US-Army-War-Eagle-Coin.html

I have collected a lot of coins over my career in the Army and I have them all displayed with pride. I would just love to add the Army War Eagle Coin to my collection. The Eagle with Arms crossed in uniform stands with pride in front of the American flag. Surrounding this image are phrases like Army Strong, and the Army’s birthday is there for all to see.


1. US Army Veteran Hoodie http://www.vision-strike-wear.com/US-      Veteran-It-Can-Not-Be-Inherited-Hoodie.html

Tis the season to stay warm until your girlfriend or wife steals yet another one of your hoodies. I don’t think she will steal this one as she would like a little strange sporting a hoodie that represents my time in the service. This hoodie has crossed M-4’s below a bald eagle with the phrase it can not be inherited, I have earned it. Maybe you should buy this one for me before Christmas that way I can get the most use out of it this season.

So, there it is friends and loved ones, 10 things you can purchase for the holidays and put under the tree that me or any veteran will love.


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