Top 5 Coolest Military Sniper Quotes on T Shirts

One Shot One Kill!

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Top 5 Coolest Military Sniper Quotes on T Shirts range from Snipers define the battlefield and for a small group of highly trained sharpshooters they also get a lot of publicity.

Marksmanship, gun ownership, ammunition talk, gun porn are all over social media. There are magazines displaying some dude holding an FBR2001 with a 350 round clip, that fires single rounds, 3 rounds when selected or full auto delivery a whopping 900 rounds per minute at 3100 feet per second ( Look that one up. You will never find it but you get our meaning.).  They have all culminated in discussion groups throughout the Internet because of America’s love and passion for firearms and Snipers!

Snipers from World War 2 to the present day have slowed many a unit down, created havoc in the rear, and played psychological roles in disarming mental attitudes and morale in the ranks of the enemy.

So what are the top 5 Sniper Quotes?

5. Recoil!



4. Sniping is poetry in slow motion until you pull the trigger!

Sniping In Slow Motion


3. Not In cruelty.

Not In Cruelty


2. The last thing you will never see.


1. One shot One Kill!

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“Gun Porn” Video

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Sniper Video

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