October is US Navy Month!

Birthdays, promotions, naval history, specials and balls! It is a month that celebrates the 239th Birthday of the United States Navy and honors its men and women both past and present, its veterans, prior service, naval warriors and is a time to recognize the accomplishments of the greatest naval power in the history of the world.

Top Navy Shirt Designs

Over many years custom naval tees have displayed the courage and dedication felt in the hearts of American sailors and we salute these incredible military naval designs in anticipation of the many exciting things this month foretells.

What are the Top¬†US Navy designs ever? Let’s start!


First, let’s check out the latest 5 designs from Vision Strike Wear!

Navy Seabee We Build We Fight Shirt


VSWA202NavyGoatChiefGeneric-vVSWA201NAVYCrowGeneric-v (1)VSWA199NavySquidGeneric-v (1)VSWA204NAVYNavyAmphibAlligatorXArmsGen-v


The US Navy squid. Not to be tangled with!

VSWA199NavySquidGeneric-v (1)


The USS Halsey gets into the top Navy list. This lady brings her A game to the US Navy fleet!

USS Halsey Heavy Damage Shirt



When the Navy works as a team with the other military branches it sets the standard of excellence.



Then of course their are those that are part of the IYAOYAS red shirt community. High explosive sailors.






The Junior Enlisted Sailors and their JEA Associations have asked for top custom military naval tees over the years. They too wanted a squid that was aggressive and removed all doubts as to whom Owned The Seas!

VSW890_1st-MADIV-JEA-v (1)



Then there are the US Navy squadrons and in one case the Black Lions of VFA-213 who clearly has been a part of the top 50 Navy designs!

VSW852_VFA-213BlackLionsFCPOA-v (1)


No one commands the seas like Trident except the United States Navy!




When the USS Maine calls for a design then designs come flying faster than a Trident Missile out of the vertical launch tube of a Boomer!



From the biggest of the US Navy ships to the smallest there is a Top 50 Navy design waiting for you!



The FCPOAs of the United States Navy asked for a design that displayed in sepia style the bold Spartan look along with their crows!




Guantanamo Bay Cuba gets into gear with a highly colorful custom US Navy shirt design for their Junior Enlisted Association!

VSW1099_NAVY JEA US Navy Guantanamo Bay-v



AUTEC The Bahamas! The US Navy’s Area 51!



VFA-31 Tomcatters get in on the action of being one of the more popular US Navy shirt designs!



SWOS Pearl Harbor gets on the board with this colorful military design!



IYAOYAS community in Okinawa design!

VSW1057_USMCOrdnance-v (1)


PACOM Hawaii gets their design thrown into the top designs!





Check out some great mobile game apps during US Navy October Birthday and Appreciation Month!

You cannot beat a great submarine game like Dive! Dive!


Or spend time navigating ruthless obstacles flying your own Osprey!


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