US Congress Creates A New Military Branch

September 18th the US Congress Creates A New Military Branch and passes the National Security Act of 1947 effectively combining the US Army, US Navy and the newly formed US Air Force into the Department of Defensive.  Consequently, James Forrestal was confirmed as the first Secretary of Defensive.  At its core the USAF represented more than just warefare having a high emphasis on technology and science.

It started with the Aeronautical Division , US army Signal Corps in 1907. After decades of US air warfare development and grew, World War 2 launched American Air Power into the forefront.  The need for air defensive was imparitive at the dawning of the cold war and protection from the Soviet Union and escalating arms race. Today is the 67th Birthday of the USAF protecting our skies and keeping us safe.

 Pop Culture Movies and Games

Hollywood embraced the fear of attack by created a slew of B Horror Films targeted to the new Baby Boomers such as the Blob to the more recent Armageddon where the USAF saves the day!

If you want to experience some of these themes download USAF:Operation Sentinel and play an airmen in the USAF dealing with Asteroids, Alien Invasion and more!

Even the elite USAF Combat Control Teams have shown off their talents in Transformers



Cold War TV shows with USAF characters

60’s hit ” I dream of Jeannie” centers around a US Air Force Astronaut that stumbles upon a magical bottle while on a space mission containing a beautiful Jeannie that is eternally indebted to him offers to help the Major through many USAF hi-jinks and slapstick with her unlimited wishes!

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