US Veterans Day Shirt Design

Since the inception of America her way of life has been threatened by outside forces dedicated to take away the freedoms it has established as the hallmark of its culture. Freedom of speech. Freedom to bear arms. Freedom of imagination, creativity and the right to live without the fear of a monarchy usurping the god given rights bestowed on all of us.

When a nation like America has had her will tested and when other countries, lunatic dictators or anarchists wanting to upturn our way of life have presented themselves and fired at us we as American have responded. We have responded with generations of Americans that have heard the call of battle, taken up arms and have gone to war to defend America.

These greatest of generations of Americans were minutemen, doughboys, grunts, devil dogs, dog faces, squids, SEALS, flyboys, coasties, tin can sailors, dolphins, red legs, zoomies, gun bunnies and so much more. They went to distant lands and they fought an enemy they had never met until then, exchanged their youth for experiences they might no otherwise have asked for, fought alongside heroes and for the fortunate returned home to find a quiet and hopeful peaceful place they would call home. Each and everyone of them shared the same title: US Veteran.

One does not say congratulations, or have a great Veteran’s Day to our veterans. They shake their hand, speak a little softer in their presence, offer a kind word and above all respect them by simply remembering them. The greatest gift you can offer a US veteran is peace.

On this Veteran’s Day shake the hand of a veteran, offer a smile, and above all allow them this day that they remember their brothers and sisters and allow them to gather thoughts and reflect on their accomplishments. They earned it.

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