The founding fathers were geniuses despite the modern rewriting of history and based our form of governance, a Republic with democratic powers, from the Human Brain. A fractal. They got it. In order to govern the masses fairly and as each a sovereign, it must pattern after how we govern ourselves. Genius.


The Triune Brain. Although the brain is a complex organ much like man is a complex creature culturally, we are still able to break it down into its fundamental functions.  The Reptile Complex, Limbic System, and Neocortex. The Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branches are patterned after R complex, Limbic and Neo cortex.


The Legislative Branch represents the Limbic and like the Feminine energy of the Mammalian brain it is the first thing that is processed through the eyes viewing the outside world.  The Legislative Branch is where a new concept or law begins.  Like humans we must take what we see and understand. Understanding takes care. All symbols of the Limbic.


The reptile mother doesn’t care for their young. They lay the eggs and move on. Sometimes if the reptile mother is hungry will eat her own eggs to survive.

mammal cat nurture babiesdolphine

However the mammal, which we as humans also share this brain, cares. We nurture for months in the body then raise them til adulthood. All mammals do this. As Humans we care enough to discuss the issues and cooperate to a compromise for the benefit of the collective.


This is what happens in the Legislative Branch. The building is even shaped like a mother’s breast which symbolic sustains life.  Feminine energy indeed.  Where does our Legislative Branch meet? In Congress. Another word for making love. Or male and female energy coming together to create a new law(life) in the world for the Executive branch to enact and engage.

Young man kissing the belly of his pregnant woman
The Executive is the Neo cortex and unlike animals that have the previous two, we have evolve and have the higher faculties to rationalize our feelings and thoughts to take action in the world to hopefully improve it. Like the Neo Cortex the also called the Executive Brain the Executive Branch makes decisions and can veto or overrule the Legislative or Judicial Branches.  No other creature or government has ever achieved what Mankind and America has under this governance. The knowledge an understanding to take action in the world is what is necessary to perceive and change what is bad to good.

R Complex is the R Complex or reptile brain and like the R Complex humans share this old brain with many lesser animals going way back. The Judicial Branch is the equivalent. Like the R Complex we as animals have been living under the very strict law of nature for a long time. This branch represents the laws of humans aside for the law of nature. It is to PROTECT us from royals and tyrants. From our neighbors that wish to take from us. It sets up boundaries and functions to enforce that law. All characteristics of R Complex.

Unfortunately we have been under Nationalist Socialist which patterns after a slave mind not knowing thyself, isolated and not sovereign. Following the master subservient to any authority hoping for a handout they can achieve while selling out their neighbor to get ahead and above the trash heap of waste, pollution and ignorance that socialism always creates. Like the homeless wandering the streets, the Socialist too are shadows of their true selves, slaves to the system, money and ego shrouded by altruistic lies. We are being lured back into the fold of the monarchy’s foul leathery wing.


Nazi Symbol on the walls of the US Congress.  Not sure but based on pictures these were not present prior to WW2.


Lets get back to the US Constitution and the understanding of what it means and the principles for which it stands.


Take action in the world and make sure we maintain this idea.  Otherwise you are a slave not a sovereign.  Recognize our Great Republic and Keep it.  Be Sovereign!




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