Popeye’s Birthday

Popeye’s Birthday

Popeye is a character that every red blooded American relates to in one way or another and even though I am an Army guy myself I have to admit that he did make the Navy (or Coast Guard depending on your particular depiction of the character) loo pretty cool. I mean this guy has it all. Popeye is Patriotic, strong, intelligent in a way that can’t be measured by books or tests and possesses the iron will that most Americans would love to say is inside each and every one of us.

From the male perspective this goes even further. Popeye is an extremely strong character who has strong morals and will do anything for the woman that he loves. Olive Oyl on the other hand just seems to be that woman who likes to make Popeye’s life difficult even though he can’t help but fall for her even more in every strip or cartoon that you see. But by far the greatest appeal of Popeye to males is the fact that he is a simple, tattooed, sailor who remains polite until you push him over the edge.

Once things get to this point you can expect 2 things. Firstly Popeye is going to spout his favorite phrase, “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more”, and then you expect him to down a can of spinach and kick the snot out of everything and anything that stands in his way or somehow offends him to the point that he feels it needs to be corrected.

All of this just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have his arch nemesis Bluto to antagonize our beloved hero. He can represent a lot of things to a lot of people. That bully that wouldn’t leave people alone, the guy who always seemed to get the girl and didn’t deserve it, or depending on the period of time that you followed the comic it could be looked at in a much larger context.

If Popeye represents everything that it is to be an American than in the Cold War era it would be easy to see how Bluto could represent everything that is or was the former Soviet Union. In this much larger context (which has never been officially supported by the creators of the Popeye character) you could see how the United States tries to be as tolerant as possible until we are pushed to the edge. Once this happens “That’s all we can stands, we can’t stands no more” and we move into action as a country fighting the evils of communism. Our spinach is ingenuity, and our strength is the United States military. The greatest fighting force ever assembled on this Earth (outside of the Avengers of course). We kicked doors down, and corrected all of the things we saw that were wrong with a given situation, or at least as much as politics would allow us too anyway.

So on this Popeye’s birthday, remember the character with fondness and get yourself a can of spinach handy for the next challenge that faces our nation. You can also get your official Popeye challenge coin at:


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Offically Licensed Popeye Designs Released

Offically Licensed Popeye Designs Released

Offically Licensed Popeye Designs Released

The newest officially licensed and approved King Features Popeye designs just released by the designers of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com! Get your officially licensed Popeye shirts and designs released from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. Popeye returns with color and style and detail as he is displayed on two brand new Popeye shirt and hoodie designs for the millions of Popeye fans the world over.

All men are created equal then a few become destroyer sailors. The age old saying of many a Tin Can Sailor displayed prominently on this Popeye vintage design.

Popeye was a Tin Can Sailor!

Popeye Destroyer Sailor Shirt

Popeye the All American!

Sitting on the pier flexing a muscle or two and with that said an enemy submarine as well. The awe inspiring biceps that sent a few ships to the bottom, kep the girls swooning, the can of spinach always at the ready and when in need supplying the strength needed for the upcoming fight. Popeye has been an American icons for decades. A true All American!

Popeye Navy All American Shirt

An incredible relationship has been formed with the license holders of Popeye and the custom military design experts of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com with striking designs that are created for the new generation of Popeye fans and memorabilia collectors!

Popeye the Tin Can Sailor

Popeye the Tin Can Sailor

For decades Popeye has been entertaining us with his heroic adventures, his unrelenting triumph over evil and his ability to illustrate right from wrong. He has become a much loved American icon and a part of the American culture since his inception.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has become one of the very few licensees able to reproduce Popeye and place him on on a variety of Popeye apparel from shirts to hoodies and have him displayed in a way that transcends his former years in a far more colorful and detailed modern military manner.

This Popeye military shirt design is approved and fully licensed by the Popeye trademark and this design is uniquely offered at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. We are honored to have the opportunity to participate with Popeye and bring his values, internal strength and successes fighting those who would do others harm to mainstream America.

This design is available on VSW now! Click here to purchase.


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Popeye Flexes His Muscles With Modern Designs

Popeye Flexes His Muscles With Modern Designs

Popeye Flexes His Muscles With Modern Designs

When King Features, the license holder of the Popeye trademark, reached out to Vision-Strike-Wear.Com they did so with a single purpose: create a fresh and modern look for Popeye! Vision-Strike-Wear.Com took to the challenge and responded with brand new, modern and colorful Popeye designs. Popeye Flexes His Muscles With Modern Designs because he deserves it! No one does it better than Popeye in the heat of battle, sailing the raging mane or saving the damsel in distress. He fights the bad guys, wins and saves the day! Pretty simple!

Over 10,000,000 (this is ten million) Popeye fans got the very first ever look at the modern Popeye when he was introduced ont he Official Popeye Fan Page and the reviews were fun, fantastic and highly supportive of the new designs illustrating Popeye!

The reviews and shares on the Popeye Facebook numbered in the tens of thousands and before too long Popeye shirt and hoodies were literally flying off the shelves!


Popeye Navy All American! A Popeye fan from the official Popeye Facebook Fan Page displaying a recent purchase of their Popeye Hoodie!

Popeye Veterans Day Promo-Hoodies

Veteran’s Day Was a huge success at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com when veterans of the US Navy caught their first glimpse of the new and cool Popeye! The responses were fantastic!

popeye black fridays promo

Black Friday! Popeye worked on deck and below deck and this second Popeye design was released right in time for Black Friday! Popeye has always been seen as a true sailor and when he joined the Navy as the official Popeye historians would suggest (Yes he was also Coast Guard even earlier)  he has forever been known as the Backbone of The Navy!

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