Battle Rattling For 240 Years With Freedom And Choice

Battle Rattling For 240 Years With Freedom And Choice

From the founding days of America our decsions have been all about one central concept: choice. The choice to leave the bonds of England, the decision to fight both Germany and Japan on two fronts, the choice to never quit, never surrender and never leave a brother or sister on the battlefield. Every merit and decision we have as a people have made in this country has derived from the concept of choice.

Freedom As A Choice!

Let’s face it, the United States who shares much if its history with England from a common language, similar religions and backgrounds did what others had not leading up to its departure from the British Commonwealth and that was to take back the freedom to choose self rule over colonial England rule and tyrrany of an English monarchy. It had to do with choice and choice means the freedom to do so. To think it up, take action and carry that out to its inevitable outcome. In our case the founding of the United States.

Choice comes from military planning!

Let’s face it. A whole lot of British soldiers never went home because the soldiers, guardsmen, minutemen, US Marines and members of the Continental Army decided let’s not stand in a line and fire our muskets at British Redcoats. Instead they made the choice to fire from trees, brush, brambles, in a non-conventional military manner. The British paid the price. Again this was the choice made by the tacticians of our US military down to the individual soldier who would not play by the rules set by others. Instead it was about choosing to fight on one’s own terms.


I for one feel lucky everyday I wake up in a country whose energy runs on the freedom found in the blood of each and every America. Our choices consume who we are and where we go, what we do and because America is the Land Of The Free and without much intrusion does have an environment that allows anyone to rise to achieve their dreams. Again its all about choice. Will I take a left when I should go right? Will I cross the line in the sand or make a comment where others fear to tread. Nothing is perfect but compared to other countries it isn’t bad either. Nothing is as perfect as we want it to be and guess what? You have the choice to make a difference and chnage it if you want to.

Military Choice!

From the day your recruiter asked you if you would make the choice to put on the uniform of the United States military and pedge and oath to the Constitution of The United States and its citizens you made a choice. You raised your right hand and you made a choice. Off you went to some bootcamp where professionally trained Drill Instructors took a slimy piece of whale excrement and trained it up to become a fine example of a US soldier, airman, US Marine, US Coast Guardsmen or US sailor. All because of a choice you made.

Battle Rattle! It is about choices.

Why Battle Rattle. Think of all the missions, ops, situations and roles our military takes when combating enemies all over the world? Each situation requires a different set of tools to complete the job and with that choice are made as to what type of gear is needed for the successful completion of those mission. What you take with you is one of the most important decisions you can make in the field.

Years ago Vision-Strike-Wear.Com adopted a similar philosophy when it came to chnaging the terrain called custom shirt design and printing. Fostered on the central concept of providing the tools for their customers they made the conscience decision to not adopt what other military shirt companies had done before them: make shirt they wanted to sell to you. Instead the decision was reached that it was more important that VSW customers have the freedom to choose what they wanted on their shirt and not visa versa. Battle Rattle military shirts was then created and since then a variety of Battle Rattle designs were made with features and options to build a custom shirt from the ground up by its customers.

The bottom line is that it creates a military design that customers can customitize on their own and see the changes on the screen as they select from a variety of options.

What are Battle Rattle Features and Options?

It’s a big list and with at least several designs the number of different options is quite literally in the millions. All branches of the military are covered and one of the most important things also to note is that American cotton shirts are available. The active duty, retirees, prior service, family and friends wanted a place where they could have American made shirts.  We responded.

Military Branches Covered!

The Battle Rattle designs from Vision-Strike cover the entire military and every branch. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Within each military branch there are several highly detailed and razor shapr military designs many with a broad level of interest from MOS designs, Navy rate designs such as one for Hospital Corpamen to Coast Guard military graphics that feature Coast Guard Cutters or Jayhawks.

Battle Rattle Graphics!

Design Your Own Military Shirt

Army Battle Rattle Designs

Have your Army Rank updated on this US Army Rank Battle Rattle design.

Army Rank Shirt


Build a military design for your shirt or hoodie with this Army MOS Battle Rattle design!

Army MOS Skull Shield Shirt


Cast fear into the enemy with this skull and crossbones with boonie cover Battle Rattle design.

Skull and Bones Shirt


The desert warrior Battle Design created for our active duty and veterans.

Desert Warrior OIF OEF Shirt


The Airborne Battle Rattle

Army Airborne Shirts


The 75th Rangers Battle Rattle aka Snake Eaters!

Army Ranger Shirts



Army Dustoff Shirt


One for the IED experts and Task Force Troy

Task Force Troy Shirt


The Special Forces Group Battle Rattle

Special Forces Group De Oppresso Liber Shirt



Navy Battle Rattle Designs

The Navy Rate and Rank design. Have your chevrons in red or gold displayed on this catchy air, sea and submarine backdrop.

Rank and Rate Navy Shirt


The Sea Is Ours. This US Navy design features the kind of updates we received hundreds of requests for from cover to aviation element updates.

Navy Rate Jolly Roger Skull Military Shirts


The Jolly Roger Battle Rattle!

Naval Skull and Bones Shirt


A Batle Rattle design for the Minemen and Minesweepers of the US Navy

Navy Minesweeper Shirt


The Navy Submarine Force Rate design

Navy Submarine Force Rate Shirt

The Sea Is Ours

Navy Sea Is Ours Military Shirt


Navy Search and Rescue

Search Rescue NAVY SAR Shirt


The US Navy Diver Battle Rattle

Navy Diver Shirts

Submarine Force!

Navy Submarine Force Run Silent Run Deep Shirt

Air Force Battle Rattles!

The Air Force Rank Battle Rattle

Air Force Rank Shirts


Air Force Specialties Battle Rattle

Air Force Specialties Military Shirt



SERE Shirt

Marine Corps Battle Rattle Designs

Your Marine MOS your way!

Military MOS Skull Shirt


King Of Battle Battle Rattle Artillery Design


Artillery King of Battle Guns of Death Military Shirt

Up Armored!

Up-Armored HUMVEE Shirt


US Coast Guard Battle Rattle designs!

Coast Guard Rate Battle Rattle

Coast Guard Rate Skull Shirt


Coast Guard Cutter Rate Battle Rattle design

Coast Guard Rate Shirt


MSST Battle Rattle

Coast Guard MSST Detect Intercept Interdict Shirt

Semper Paratus Battle Rattle

Coast Guard Semper Paratus Shirt



240 Years of Freedom and Choice!

When you think about the age of our country and how long we have operated with a heightened sensitivity towards choice once must realize that choice and freedom go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.

How old is America? Here is an interesting little trivia. Well when you consider the lifespan thus far of the United States can stretch between the lives of only 4 US President’s not as long as you would think. We have been alive and kicking and our military men and women on the line, the fence, outside the wire, in the trenches, on the sea and in the air have been defending our way of life since our birth in 1776. Our military many people who might already know are actually as old as 1775 to include the US Marines and US Navy who share the same birth year and are one year older than the United States.

Just in case you didn’t believe you can go back to the founding of America based on the lives of just 4 US Presidents.

When President Obama was born (1961), President Herbert Hoover was still alive (1874-1964). When Hoover was born, President Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) was still alive. When President Johnson was born, President John Adams (1735-1826) was still alive. And just like that, we’ve connected present day to the Founding Fathers. (Source – The Washington Post)

Kick Ass US Navy Custom T shirt Designs 2014

Kick Ass US Navy Custom T shirt Designs 2014

It has been a pleasure to custom design for the the United States Navy and over the course of 2014 we have been honored to have worked with a variety of CPOA’s, FCPOA’s, SCPOAs, SCAs and USN Commands all over the world, warships of the line, Naval Air Stations, VBSS Teams, SEAL teams, Navy Seabees from Gulfport, MS and around the world, deployment designs for US Navy personnel serving in remote destinations from Souda Bay to Andros Island, Bahamas.

This year has been filled with with colorful and detailed designs and motivational pride building custom US Navy designs which Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has been excited to participate with these incredible units on. Nothing is more fun than participating in the creating of custom shirt development for our men and women in uniform. The following designs were created for the United States Navy and its associations and commands.

VP-40 Squid  Shirt

VP-40 Squid

Tin Can Sailor Popeye Shirts

Tin Can Sailor Popeye

VP-40 Ordnance Shirts for the US Navy




USS Halsey Heavy Damage Shirt

FCPOA USS Halsey DDG-97-2

US Navy CPO 365 Shirts

Navy CPO 365





NAVY AUTEC Bahamas Mars Invades custom US Navy shirt

NAVY AUTEC Bahamas Mars Invades

NAVY AUTEC Bahamas Airdale Submarines custom US Navy shirt

NAVY AUTEC Bahamas Airdale Submarines

NAVY FCPOA USS LEYTE GULF custom  United States Navy shirt






NAVY USS Lewis and Clark SSBN-644 custom design

NAVY USS Lewis and Clark SSBN-644_pocket

Coastal Riverine CPO 365 Custom Navy design

NAVY Coastal Riverine Group TWO-2

NAVY AO VFA-213 Black Lions custom Navy shirt design

NAVY AO VFA-213 Black Lions

NAVY Fort Sam Houston Steer (1)

United States Navy JB San Antonio US Navy shirt design for Christmas fundraising.

NAVY AUTEC Bahamas Mars Invades

The United States Navy custom shirt design for Andros Island, Bahamas. Received a call from the unit less than 24 hours later that they completely sold out of their first custom US Navy shirt order and needed to place a brand new order. 24 hours old and sold out!

NAVY VP-40 Squid

 The USS Leyte Gulf, CG Quid and First Class Petty Officer Association design created for the crew on this amazing warship.

NAVY AUTEC Bahamas Airdale Submarines

We Rise Above the Rest To Keep The Fleet At Its Best! A US Navy Custom Military Shirt design.


USS Halsey Heavy Damage custom Arleigh Burke design for the Tin Can Sailors aboard this amazing US warship!

NAVY Fleet Area Control Surveillance Facility

FACSFAC Custom US Navy shirt design for their FCPOA!


 CPO 365 Norfolk, Virginia ushers in the brand new Navy Chief Selectees with this custom US Navy shirt design.

FCPOA NAS Corpus Christi FCPOA

NAS Corpus Christi and the First Class Petty Officer Association requested this custom Navy design from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

NAVY USS Princeton CG-59

 The FCPOA USN Custom design for the crew aboard the USS Princeton.

Tin Can Sailor Popeye

 Popeye Tin Can Sailor All Men AAre Created Equal Then A Few Become Destroyer Sailors custom design for the Tin Can sailor Association. Part of a collection of custom Tin Can Sailor designs that has spanned over 4 years of US Navy shirt creativity that has fostered one of the strongest and msot successful relationships between the Tin Can Sailor Association and Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. Each year VSW Donates a design to this wonderful organization in support of their fundraising efforts which has cultivated into thousands of sales over these many years.

This Popeye shirt design is licensed and approved by King Features, the license and trademark holder of the Popeye brand with whom Vision-Strike-Wear.Com proudly has the license for. It is a pleaure to work with King Features bringing new Popeye designs to the forefront.

USS Bataan Tiger Cruise Pin

Not every design VSW creates becomes a custom US Navy shirt. Sometimes they become pins like the one displayed above created for the Tiger Cruise for the sailors, family and frinds of the USS Bataan during their Tiger Cruise.

HSM-40 Shirt

The Airwolves of HSM-40 received this custom United States Navy shirt design for their FCPOA!

Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit Two Zero Two-2

The Seabees of Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit Two Zero Two and their FCPOA received this custom US Navy shirt.


Navy Munitions Command Detachment Bahrain! The Logisitics Specialists, Gunner’s Mates and Yeoman of the US Navy participated in this custom USN shirt design for their unit.

Logistics Task Force 5

Logistics Task Force or referred to as LTF-5 was a custom Navy design requested by the this amazing group stationed in Qatar.

NAVY Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

A sketch created for the 1st Classes of the United States Navy Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach. The begnning stage of great custom art starts with a great sketch. Color and additional details are added later.

 USS Lewis and Clark SSBN-644_pocket

 US Navy veterans often contact Vision-Strike-Wear.Com requesting a patch be created or design for their motorcycle club jackets. The design above for the USS Lewis & Clark is an example of oneof these custom US Navy designs.


A custom USN design for the Second Class Petty Officers of the USS Peleliu.

When the shirts arrived aboard the USS Peleliu we were excited to reveiving the following comment:

We got the shirts! They look amazing! Thank you so much again for all of your hard work! 🙂


Doc t

NAVY Coastal Riverine Group TWO-2

NAVY Coastal Riverine Group TWO-2 design created for their CPO 365 program ushering in a new generation of US Navy Chiefs.

AO VFA-213 Black Lions

A custom US Navy design created for the Aviation Ordnancemen of VFA-213 The Black Lions. IYAOYAS!

 NAVY Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training

 The US Navy Chiefs and US Marine Corps collaborated on this design for NAVY Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training!


 Designed for the Chief’s Mess abaord the only US Navy ship named and honored after the US Navy Chief Petty Officer, The USS Chief!

NAVY VFA-106 Det Key West custom Navy shirt

NAVY VFA-106 Det Key West

USS Cole DDG-67 FCPOA Shirts


NSA Souda Bay Greece FCPOA Shirts

NSA Souda Bay Greece FCPOA

 FCPOA NAS Corpus Christi FCPOA Custom US Navy Shirts

FCPOA NAS Corpus Christi FCPOA

USS Oscar Martin FCPOA Shirts

USS Oscar Martin FCPOA

USS Princeton CG-59 Shirts

USS Princeton CG-59

VFA-211 FCPOA custom US Navy shirts.


US Navy Logistics Task Force Bagram Sand Sailors deployment shirts

US Navy Logistics Task Force Bagram Sand Sailors

 USS Wayne E Meyer Logistics Specialist Shirt


Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit Two Zero Two Shirts

Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit Two Zero Two-2

VAW-121 Bluetails FCPOA Shirts

VAW-121 Bluetails FCPOA

US Naval Computer and Telecom Station Far East FCPOA


Navy Chief Petty Officer Tested Tried Trued Shirt

Navy Chief Petty Officer Tested Tried Trued Shirt

Navy Munitions Command Detachment Bahrain Shirt

 Navy Munitions Command Detachment Bahrain Shirt



USS Chief MCM-14 Minesweeper Chiefs Mess Shirt

USS Chief MCM-14 Minesweeper Chiefs Mess Shirt



NOSC West Palm Beach Florida US Navy FCPOA Shirt

NOSC West Palm Beach Florida US Navy FCPOA Shirt

NCHB-14 Fuels Logistics Task Force 5 Deployment Shirt

NCHB-14 Fuels Logistics Task Force 5 Deployment Shirt

US Navy FCPOA Autec Andros Island Bahamas Shirt

US Navy FCPOA Autec Andros Island Bahamas Shirt

NAVY FCPOM Naval Station San Diego Shirts

NAVY FCPOM Naval Station San Diego

US Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba Shirt

NAVY JEA US Navy Guantanamo Bay

SCPOA USS Bunker Hill CG-52 Shirts

SCPOA USS Bunker Hill CG-52

Davey Jones USS Makin Island LHD-8 Shirt

Davey Jones USS Makin Island LHD-8 Shirt

New Orleans Chief Initiation NALO Shirt

New Orleans Chief Initiation NALO Shirt

USS Washington SSN-787 Wardroom Shirts

USS Washington SSN-787 Wardroom Shirts

NMCB-11 Funeral Detail Seabees Shirt

NMCB-11 Funeral Detail Seabees Shirt

Gunpowder Pete 2nd Amendment Shirt

Gunpowder Pete

Region Mid-Atlantic Reserve Component Command Shirt

NAVY Region Mid-Atlantic Reserve Component Command (2)

US Navy Chief CPO 365 NAS Pensacola Shirt

NAVY Anchor Drag

USS Pinckney DDG-91 FCPOA Shirt

USS Pinckney FCPOA

RTC Great Lakes US Navy Shirt


NAS Whidbey Island FCPOA Shirt

NAS Whidbey Island FCPOA

NRD San Diego Globe Shirt

NRD San Diego Globe

US Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia Shirt

NAVY Recruiting NRD Philadelphia



Surface Warfare Officer’s School Command Hawaii Shirt

NAVY Surface Warfare Officer Command School

USS Fort McHenry LSD-43 FCPOA Shirt


USS Virginia SSN-774 Submarine Shirt

NAVY USS Virginia

VFA-31 Tomcatters Shirt

VFA-31 Tomcatters NAVY

H-60 Navy Instructor Design

H-60 Navy Instructor

JIOC Hawaii FCPOA Shirts


USS Makin Island 1st Class Shirts

USS Makin Island 1st Class

USS Helena SSN-725 Submarine Shirt


US Navy Logistics Task Force Bagram Sand Sailors Shirt

Logistics Task Force

 Help us reach over 100 custom US Navy designs this year! Please use coupon code unit20 and receive 20% off your next US Navy design and order.

Copies in part or whole, reproductions of any and all artwork on this page is the sole ownership of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. Copying in part or whole or reproduction in any form without the written permission of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com will be pursued to the fullest extend of the law.

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends

And right before Veteran’s ay wouldn’t you know it. I know a few vets right now that are scratching their heads and asking to be put right back intot he fight when they heard the news that Mars had jsut assualted the beaches of Andros Island in the Bahamas. Never has the United States Navy repelled invading swarms of Martians during a beach assault! Reminiscent of the US Marines hitting the beaches at Tarawa, Tinian and Saipan and of course Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. Now the US Navy gets into the fight as they defend a little island called Andros. So in the clamor of bullets and anchors and alien invaders Mars attacks and the US Navy defends.

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends Andros Island Bahamas Shirt

 The Invasion Begins!

So either sit idly by and watch the attack unfold and US Navy enlisted battle a small but determined Martian invader or get in the fight, grab your assault rifle and wade in on the fighting. Your choice!

Take Up Arms!

From behind the coconut tree you set up with your spotter and pick off these green blooded creatures hellbent on destroying our US Navy location. Not today. Not on this watch. Or better yet have the US Navy squadrons, submarines and surface warships bring the fight to the enemy. They have just the thing for this sort of incursion.

US Navy We Rise Above The Rest Shirt

Navy Calls in USMC attack aircraft!

Just to keep control of the skies the USMC entered the fray and along withthe US Navy and its F-18 Hornets have been keeping the alien heads down. A few image of the Marine Corps aircraft enroute to the battlefield! Time to pushback!

USMC Blackhawks inbound!

Here come the Hornets!

USMC Osprey making its way to the attack zone!

Shortly after the fighting concluded, the Maritian buriel detail commencing with a few able bodied Seabees the enlisted got together and thought up a good one….let’s make a shirt to memorilize this event when the US Navy defended a little know Bahamian island called Andros.  With the little but eventful battle now over and victory assigned to the US Navy life can return to hammocks, waterfalls and enjoying the sunny days and tropical nights.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com enjoyed being called upon to create the only shirt ever made in remembrance of the Mars Attacks US Defends Andros Island.

Razor Sharp Navy Military Tees

Razor Sharp Navy Military Tees

Razor Sharp Navy Military Tees

Whether the United States Navy is at sea or at a shore command, Chief Petty Officer Association 1st Class Petty Officer Association, SCPOA or Junior Enlusted Association, a warship, a submarine or even a Navy Seal Team, csutom military design is important.  There is always some connection within the IYAOYAS community, a deployed unit or one at home or possibly a custom design for the US Navy featured on the front and back of a custom military shirt. Have your unit design displayed on your favorite military hoodie, decal or poster, plaque or for some form of military fundraising activity. The US Navy has wanted the very best when it comes to navaltees! The following US Navy Licensed and Approved Military Designs were created in collaboration with the US Navy and its awesome sailors and the design team of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Riverine Squadron 2 CPO 365 Shirts!

US Navy CPO 365 1st Class to Chief US Navy Riverine Shirt

The USS Laboon design for their First Class Petty Officers!

USS Laboon DDG-58 Without Fear US Navy Shirt

Petty Officers of the US Navy!

Navy Petty Officer Crow Shirt

The Chief Selects Get theirs!

Navy CPO 365 Crow and Anchor Shirt

Time for Seabees!

Navy Seabee We Build We Fight Shirt

The Original Goat Locker Design!

Navy Master Chief Goat Locker Shirt

Here comes the Gator Navy!

US Amphibious Alligator Gator Navy Shirt

Work below the deck? The Snipes get a design!

US Navy Snipes Shirt

When did you cross the line? Shellback!

Navy Shellback Court Of Neptune Rex Shirt


IYAOYAS Ordnance Shirt

If You Ain’t Ordnance. You Ain’t Shit. Grim Reaper style.

Military Ordnance Grim Reaper IYAOYAS Shirt

 Popeye Get’s In The Game with the US Navy!

Tin Can Sailor Popeye Shirt

Something created for the United States Navy Tin Can Sailors!

Tin Can Sailors T-Shirt Navy Destroyer Military Shirt

 Where were you stationed in the US Navy? This Naval Air Station design created for your service memories!

Naval Air Station Shirt

Did you ever hit the Suez? Safari to Suez!

Safari To Suez Transiting Shirt

The 5th Fleet gets a design ala Jolly Roger style! Arabian Sea!

US Navy Jolly Roger Arabian Sea Shirt

Since April 1st, 1893 the US Navy Chiefs have been the backbone of the US Navy. This goatlocker design created for them.

US Navy Goat Locker Tavern Shirt

Guardians of the Gulf!

Jolly Roger Guardians of The Gulf Naval Shirt

 When the US Navy comes knocking at the porthole in demand of the finest US Navy graphics. They get them!

Andros Island Bahamas US Navy FCPOA gets a shark and octopus nightmare. Never face this one at sea!

US Navy FCPOA Autec Andros Island Bahamas Shirt

Time for a design for the SCPOA at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!

US Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba Shirt

HSM-40 the Airwolves kick in with an US Navy squadron design!

US Navy HSM-40 Airwolves FCPOA Leadership Shirt

Surface Warfare Officer’s School Hawaii. An eagle, a book, surface warfare and baddassery!

Surface Warfare Officer's School Command Hawaii Shirt

 VFA-31 Tomcatters Get Theirs At Night!

VFA-31 Tomcatters Shirt

The USS Makin Island design sepis style.

USS Makin Island 1st Classes Shirt

USS Abraham Lincoln and the Gunner’s Mates receive their VSW design!

Aviation Ordnanceman Gunner's Mate Naval Shirt

Seabee funeral detail!

NMCB-11 Funeral Detail Seabees Shirt

Naval Recruiting District Philadelphia. Liberty Bell.

US Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia Shirt

 Something for the USS Virginia.

USS Virginia SSN-774 Submarine Shirt

PACOM Hawaii FCPOA gets a design!

US Navy PACOM JIOC Hawaii Shirt

CPO 365 Pensacola, Florida!

US Navy Chief CPO 365 Shirt

USS Oscar Martin FCPOA!

USS Oscar Austin FCPOA Shirt

Chief’s Mess for the USS Chief!

USS Chief MCM-14 Minesweeper Chiefs Mess Shirt

Shaping the future since 1893. US Navy Chief!

Naval Hospital Pensacola Fl CPOA Mess Shirt

USS Warrior!

USS Warrior CPO Mess Shirt

USS Gravely!

USS Gravely DDG-107 Firing Squad Shirt

US Navy San Diego Medical!

 NMPS San Diego Medical Dept Shirt

US Navy Birthday Ball!

238th Navy Ball Shirt

HSC-14 US Navy squadron military custom design!

HSC-14 Navy Squadron FCPOA Shirt

SWOS Pearl Harbor!

Pearl Harbor Firefighter Shirt

Join the Black Flag Rally Against The Crown

Join the Black Flag Rally Against The Crown

European Crowns


Under the Black Flag


Join the Black Flag Rally Against The Crown. Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to sail the raging mane, boarding Spanish ships laden with gold, taking over the crew of a Caribbean spice ship, thrust a sword between the ribs of an enemy or slept in fear that some Kraken would take the ship from below and splinter her as she dove for Davey Jones’s locker?

Joining the Black Flag meant living a life of freedom, but it also meant being constantly hunted by sovereign countries not keen on pirating activities that had stolen their precious gems, gold and pieces of eight.

Pirate Crows

Kings and Queens of Europe didn’t much like having their gold pirated and their frigates were sent to capture or kill pirates that made a business of robbing and pillaging the gold of Europe.

Under the black flag

Time to slit throats?

In the modern day pirating activities still go on. Somali pirates have taken sea going vessels and put their crews in harm way. Solution?
US Navy VBSS Teams
and US Navy SEALs!
The best way to remain unafraid of an enemy or in this case a pirate is to adopt their image, take it, make it your own and then frighten the enemy with the same tactics the black sails would create when it stirred fright in those it would take as a prize! The US Navy has adopted the Jolly Roger and with it has turned the ship and has cast fear into its enemies with more than just a black flag! It has adopted the Jolly Roger and from this grueling appearance a modern Navy brings fear to its enemies. The American Navy casts no inconsistencies. Fight her and you will lose!

The Faces of US Navy Jolly Rogers!

The Guardians Of The Gulf! During OIF the US Navy fleet served and fought its enemies on land, sea and air and the Jolly Roger was there!
VSWA085_Jolly-Roger-Arabian-Sea-v (1)
5th Fleet has take on the visage of the the Jolly Roger ala Arabian Sea Jolly Roger style!

We Will Never Forget Coin


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